Real talk: You have a special lady, maybe a sister or good ole’ BFF you need to find the perfect gift without sucking the life out of your bank account. We got your back – here is our list of wallet friendly provisions under $99.  These items are hand picked by our staff and all agree we want or maybe already own.

1. The NightSky StarMap $60

Create an personalized Star Map of any date and any location. It might be the first night you met, a birthday or when you realized you found ‘the one’.  Pick your background color, have constellations in a grid or leave it as beautiful stars in the sky. Add the location and personalize it with a message. This is a one of kind gift that ignites that feeling of the day it represents. Yes, I have one and love it.

2. Customize Vans Just for Her $75 -$125

You know her style. You know what she loves – her motorcycle, dog, cat and that cactus tattoo she drew, but is to scared to commit too. Why not put it to use on a custom made pair of vans. You start out picking out the model – then design out all the parts. She’ll have a one of kind present that is totally her.


Because we want to be in the Nice Girls Club! Atwyld’s Dutch military jacket is the ticket. Brighten every room you walk into with some positive juju and good vibes. ‘Nice Girls Club’ embroidered on the back this is perfect for spring/summer rides and camping.

4. JetBoil Flash $99.95

I purchased The Flash right before we left for Babes Ride Out a couple months back. It was an instant hit our campsite. ‘The Flash’ literally lived up to it’s name – warming our morning brew in under 2 minutes! It’s compact and easily packable. Designed with a drink-through lid with a pour spout and strainer and the bottom cover doubles as a measuring bowl. Must have staple in your camping arsenal.

5. Goal Zero Nomad 7 Plus Solar Panel $99.95

GoalZero Nomad
Portable power directly from the sun! GoZero reengineer the Nomad 7 Plus Solar Panel to be lighter and smarter. Charge all your USB devices directly from the sun. Packable for dirt/adventure riding in the backcountry or bugging out backpacking. Charge your phone, GPS or headlamp with clean solar energy!

6. National Parks Yearly Pass $80

One full year of rambling through all of our prized National Parks and Federally operated recreation sites. This pass covers 4 adults or 2 motorcycles. Valid at all major parks such as Yosemite, Joshua Tree, Yellowstone and Glacier.

7. Sunset Hike Bundle $92

For those that rise early to meet the sun, or watch it set behind the mountain peaks, much is rewarded. Bring inspiration and contentment to their next hike – on snow or dry earth – with bright beams, wholesome snacks, and space for their favorite stowaway indulgences.

Includes: Rambler Cooler, Beacon Light and SUNRIDGE FARMS Organic Trail mix.

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