Sadhguru on his motorcycle

Who is Sadhguru:
My friend Gabby turned me on to Sadhguru a few years back. Her mom used to hang out with him in the 90’s. I was getting into Indian yogi’s like Yogananda and Ramakrishna. I read Autobiography of a Yogi and immediately was intrigued with Indian culture. Then popped up Sadhguru – modern yogi, enlightened being and all around bad-ass. He says bullshit and doesn’t beat around the bush in his teachings. He’s sassy, and his foundation has planted the most trees in the world. A true humanitarian, in September 2017 he rode for 30 days on his motorcycle from Kanyakumari to the Himalayas for his cause Rally for the Rivers. This campaign was to create awareness of the depleting and polluted rivers of India.

Sadhguru on a dirt bike

What he did on a Moto:
For 8 years in the early 80’s, Sadhguru zig-zagged through India living on his motorcycle. Before his expedition, he was a successful businessman who made an excellent living. Not feeling fulfilled, he had a vision one day and gave up that life to pursue a higher calling. His Isha Foundation teaches yoga, meditation and well being to millions throughout the world.

“There was a time when I literally lived on a motorcycle. When I rode somewhere, I never checked into a hotel, I just slept on my motorcycle. I would just put my bag on the motor crossbar and the handlebar, lie down and have a sound sleep.” – Sadhguru

What he does now:
From the Isha Website: His fundamental vision is to offer the science of inner well-being to every human being – a science that helps a person realize the ultimate potential within. From this vision stem a multitude of projects, programs, and methods, all towards the same aim: to raise every human being to the peak of their potential, so that they are exuberant, all-inclusive, and in harmony within themselves and the world.

First Motorcycle: Jawa

Foundation Websites:
Isha Foundation
Rally for the Rivers

Types of Yoga Taught: Kriya, Hatha, Upa and many more

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Sadhgura at TEDX

One day I’m going to ride with Sadhguru. Thank you sir!

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